I started working with Abbie as part of the Young Artist Programme at Staatsoper Berlin in 2019 and I've continued working with her since then. My confidence in my own abilities and overall vocal technique has improved tremendously with Abbie's approach. My connection with my body and my breath and support is SO much stronger. She was quickly able to identify my vocal strengths and weaknesses and she keeps giving me tools to continue to grow, not only as a vocal technician, but as an artist and creative musical being. Abbie is honest, supportive and extremely invested in her work. She helps me bring out my true, authentic voice. It's also worth mentioning that she is a fun teacher and beautiful human being!

Victoria Randem
Staatsoper Berlin, Bayerische Staatsoper, Grand Théâtre de Genève, Glyndebourne Festival


When I first met Abbie, I was very confused both vocally and professionally.
 I am so grateful that she immediately recognized the right technique and repertoire for my voice. The improvement was fast and I was able to start a wide international career within months after I started working with her. This is due to Abbie’s amazing teaching tools, phenomenal ear, her knowledge, and professional support. More then a decade later, she is still my source of vocal support, before major projects or whenever I feel at need.

Rachel Frenkel
Wiener Staatsoper, Staatsoper Berlin, Chicago Lyric, Glyndebourne Festival, Bregenzer Festspiele
Portrait by Vienna Staatsoper Magazine (pdf)


Working with Abbie has completely changed my relationship with my voice and my body! Before I met her, I used to sing without really knowing what I was doing and I used to pray with every possible force to help me do things right. Thanks to her strong technique, her incredible ear and her knowledge, I now have a clear understanding of my instrument and can rely upon it every day. She listens carefully to ones voice and all its facets, thus also helping to connect with ones own voice. Not only is she a great teacher but also a very supportive person and amazing human being! I am so thankful to have her by my side in every step of my career.

Sarah Aristidou
Staatsoper Berlin, Bregenzer Festspiele, Salzburger Festspiele, Berliner Philharmoniker
Portrait of the singer (pdf)


I have been working with Abbie Furmansky for 4 years. When I came to her I had vocal difficulties and in six months she was able to fix them with her intensive support and watchful extensive knowledge. In particular, my vocal quality has developed so positively, that I now have regular engagements in major opera houses. Abbie is able to provide a structure in which it is possible to master even the most difficult parts, not only technically, but also musically as well as combine it with acting. In addition, she is a valuable support for the actual performances, artistically and advisory. For every difficult vocal part she is able to help me quickly with clear advice. I am very grateful to have Abbie as my teacher, because I now do my job with much more enthusiasm. I look forward to many more years of work together.

Hulkar Sabirova
Bolshoi, Arena di Verona, Teatro Real Madrid, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Staatsoper Hamburg


Abbie Furmansky was the one who guided me patiently and with great devotion through the transition to Soprano. I moved to Berlin and started intensive work with her. My main goals were to achieve a stable technique, to build a new range of repertoire and to get myself ready for auditions and competitions. I learned quite fast that with her it was much more than that. Beside teaching me her vocal technique she became my biggest supporter, and mentor. She believed in me even in times were I doubted myself. In one year! we completed the 'Fach' transition. From that moment my career just started to roll, and Abbie was there and still there supporting me with her enormous knowledge, passion, advice and unlimited understanding and experience of singing technique. I am so grateful for having met Abbie Furmansky and for her huge influence and inspiration on my journey.

Gal James
Wiener Staatsoper, Bregenzer Festspiele, Concertgebouw Amsterdam


I have been working with Abbie now for over ten years. From the beginning of our work together, she was very direct, and her approach was quite different from what had previously learned. But soon I found it surprising, quite effective and very clear. She took me from the much lighter repertoire I had started with, into a much wider range of roles. All this while caring that I remain vocally fresh and protective of my individual vocal timbre. Our together is very special, intense yet super fun at the same time. She is clear and structured, her concepts based on Italian bel canto technique but with her own personal stamp on it. Abbie sees and hears what the student needs in that particular moment, without losing the overall long-term vocal perspective. She works quickly, is very honest yet sympathetic at the same time. Abbie also understands the realistic life of a professional artist. Through the years we have worked together we have very good friendship and collaboration that I truly value.

Christian Miedl
Wiener Staatsoper, La Scala, Bayerische Staatsoper, Stuttgart


I can still clearly remember my first lesson with Abbie, I was in complete awe of her level of teaching, the quickness in which she was able to detect, analyze and through very clear and precise instructions repair and mend the problem at hand. Abbie manages to create a deep mind-body awareness–on a technical as well as an artistic level, regardless the style of singing. I remember feeling as if I were flying while singing–having the freedom to vocally go where I pleased, a feeling I had not encountered before. Abbie’s powerful and wide-ranging output covers a staggering range of music practices. Her deep and precise work allowed me, as well as many of her students to attain new and fascinating results, to become ARTISTS , truer to themselves, truly finding their own voices.

Efrat Alony
Jazz Singer, Recording artist and composer, Professor of Jazz Singing in Bern, Switzerland


My meeting with Abbie now nine years ago enabled me to rebuild my technique on sound grounds. 
Finding freedom in a specific technique. Abbie is a very demanding teacher who allows you to discover your instrument in its entirety and best of his ability through continuous work to search for relaxation and a strong body.
 A solid technique to allow the soul to sing.

Ludivine Gombert
Orange Festival, Marseille, Massy


Abbie Furmansky found my voice. It wasn’t until she heard me for the first time that I changed my repertoire to a high mezzo and learned how to use my voice. She has been my teacher and mentor for the past 10 years and I trust her ears and heart with all of my heart. It is thanks to her that I continue pursuing my dream and to make my dreams come true.

Anat Czarny
Israeli Opera, Israeli Philharmonic, Jerusalem Symphony


Working with Abbie is providing a very solid and clear technique, which also gives me the tools to always find my voice, especially in stressful situations. The technique focuses on clarity of speech, a round and warm sound and good and healthy connection to the body.

Linard Vrielink
Staatsoper Berlin, Salzburger Festspiele, Staatsoper Hamburg


Abbie Furmansky has been my teacher for more then 10 years. When I started working with her in a vocal crisis she helped me to use my voice in a healthy way, an authentic voice belonging to me, with her guidance I develope a technique I could use on stage in all different circumstances and challenges.
She is always there for her students, day or night, listening to every recorded stage rehearsal and coaching even from afar.
She has the best ears and I trust her 100 percent implicitly–musically, personally and technically.
Forever thankful, dear Abbie!!!!!

Silvia della Muela
La Scala, Staatsoper Berlin, Gran Teatre del Liceu, Aix en Provence, Staatsoper Stuttgart, Teatro Real Madrid


Abbie has not only been my teacher but also a mentor of mine ever since I moved to Berlin in order to study with her in 2011. I remember coming to see her for the first time, I remember the feeling of understanding what my voice can do, how much possibilities there are and how free I felt singing - I was immediately hooked.
She has been a power source for me, guiding me through my career, through opera studios, a demanding fest contract, competitions, auditions, opera productions and concerts. I always had the feeling she was studying my voice while I was studying with her, that her teaching is specific and designed for me and my voice. I sat in many lessons of other students - every person had an especially customized session. 
I learned how to go on stage equipped with tools for any situation. To listen to my body and to what it needs, to understand my body is a living, organic being, that develops. I can never recreate but only do, create anew. To be in touch with my intuition and with the Now. Abbie taught me to find what I need to focus on today, it’s often not the same thing as yesterday. I learned to be brave, not to go to my default under stress but to think on my feet and use my knowledge, what my body already knows by now.

Hagar Sharvit
Bregenzer Festspiele, Lucerne Festival, Salzburg, Komische Oper Berlin, Kennedy Center